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Proud to be supporting the #WeAreNotWaiting community

Hashtag #WeAreNotWaiting is the rally cry of those people in the diabetes community who have taken matters into their own hands. They’re developing platforms, apps and cloud-based solutions, and reverse-engineering existing products when needed in order to help people with diabetes better utilise devices and health data for improved outcomes. Effectivley, they are on a mission to create a true artificial pancreas.

The system operates on a closed loop basis with constant “real-time” glucose monitoring of the blood informing an incredibly advanced algorithm of trends. With time, the system refines itself to provide better anticipation of glycemic events, and effects timely interventions by drip-feeding minute quantities of insulin from a body-worn pump. So when you see people out and about with little attachments stuck to their arms or legs, they are pioneering the advancement of type 1 diabetes treatment. Many of these people have embraced the technology, and are known affectionately as “Loopers”!!

Read more about this breakthrough technology here

As a parent of a type 1 diabetic who has embraced this leap in diabetes treatment, one of our Directors has created a range of clothing to publicise the #WeAreNotWaiting movement, and to help fellow pioneers to spot each other in the wild! From the sale of every one of these garments, Get The Logo will donate a minimum of £2.50 to the Nightscout Foundation who are the real trailblazers in this movement.